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    CLIENT: Stanford University, Department of Mechanical Engineering
    LOCATION: Historic Panama Mall, Stanford University, California
    SIZE: 42,000 Square Feet
    COST: $14,000,000


    Stanford University's School of Engineering needed space on campus to house the Hasso Plattner Institute of Design, The Design Group, and the Center for Design Research. Each group would pursue design-oriented research and education, though each had its own unique and specific areas of study. The new facility that would house the groups also needed to foster communication and interaction between them, all while maintaining a unifying identity for the Department of Mechanical Engineering.

    CAW helped the Department of Mechanical Engineering achieve its desired goal of housing three distinct research groups under one roof, and in a space that fosters communication, innovation, and the open sharing of ideas. CAW successfully integrated a contemporary new use into one of Stanford's most historic buildings while preserving its key defining characteristics.


    • CAW worked closely with building users to identify the specific and common needs of each group.
    • Along with the careful renovation of the building's three historic wings, a new contemporary infill was inserted to serve as the building's hub and to provide collaboration spaces.
    • New mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems were woven seamlessly into the building while protecting its historic fabric.
    • New finish materials provide rich contrast with the original sandstone walls, thus preserving the original character of the building while accentuating the contemporary use.


    PROGRAMMING/INTERIORS: MK Think, www.mkthink.com
    STRUCTURAL: Degenkolb Engineers, www.degenkolb.com
    CONTRACTOR: Vance Brown Builders www.vancebrown.com